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Americano Cocktail

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Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Soda
Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Soda
Invented in Italy in the 1860s, the Americano is a classic refreshing aperitif. The bitterness from Campari is balanced by sweetness from the vermouth, and lightened with a splash of soda water. James Bond’s preferred beverage for a sunny afternoon in a cafe, an Americano will keep indefinitely in the bottle, ready to be mixed with soda and enjoyed at leisure.
Delivery includes:
540ml of Tomoka Americano (makes 6 drinks)
2 cans Schweppes Soda Water
6 Orange Slices
Instruction sheet
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Brand Tomoka Cocktails
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type temperature chilled
Product Size 540ml + 2 cans (6 drinks)
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