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Vitalia Granola Muesli With Nuts 500g

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The granola muesli with nuts enriched with magnesium and B complex constitutes an original mixture of oat flakes and nuts (hazelnut, almond, walnut). The muesli is prepared by an original recipe of oat flakes glazed with honey which are baked until crispy and enriched with nuts. The nuts present in the granola supply the body with unsaturated fatty acids. The high percentage of oat flakes makes the Granola muesli an important source of dietary fiber that favorably affects the intestinal microflora and digestive tract.
The vitalia palette offers an abundance of flavor ideas for many variations of health foods - Diet products, cereals and muesli, soy products, non-dairy milks, cold pressed oils, natural sweeteners, functional low calorie drinks, integral grains and seeds, food supplements and organic products. They produce low calories muesli, sweetened with brown sugar and enriched with vitamins and minerals. The quality is clear and visible: No cereal powder and taste that is truly surprising, natural and exquisite. Vitalia fruit muesli in combination with yogurt or milk are healthy breakfast choice for children, tanagers, young people, middle age and old people, sport people, pregnant women and for all which takes care for their wellbeing.
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